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Unique Amazing Fresh Food that tastes really delicious with traditional experince here at Sacramento Kabob Palace.
Sacramento's Best


Kabob Palace is an amazing restaurant built off the hard work of an Afghan/American Couple by the names of Farooq and Shineay. Originating from the roots of Elk Grove in the year 2001, Kabob Palace was a traditional restaurant with the pursuit of providing delicious mouth watering food topped with a royal experience. Afghan food is very delicious and something exoticly new to the american market making it very visually appealing to the unseen eye. Here at Kabob Palace we focus on providing a unique experience that makes the enjoyment of your meals extra special. Come dine at your local Palace to get the royal experience you deserve with delicious food that leaves you coming back for more. We thrive to outperform our customers expectations and go beyond to deliver the satisfaction they require. Farooq and Shineay’s hard work have paid as Sacramento locals have openly welcomed Kabob Palace with open arms by giving the restaurant the support needed to survive. As of now there is one Kabob Palace in the Sacramento community; Elk Grove. Visit Kabob Palace today if you want the experience of royalty with amazingly delicious food that keeps you coming back for more.



Afghanistan is full of small communities, so only the best food is recognized, and corporations don't run rampant there, especially 30 years ago when Farooq and Shineay learned how to cook from their families. Learning how to cook with only wholesome ingredients, our founders literally do not understand or know how to create processed food. When you come here its freshly prepared, freshly marinated, and freshly cooked and served, because its the only way we know how to do it.

Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces which all carry their unique style and method of making their amazing foods. Kabob Palace made it so that we bring that food creation to make the Sacramento community experience what the definition of the terms “delicious food” really means. Kabob Palace gives you real authentic food that's created with the love and passion of our royal chefs that carry the magic touch to make your tongue taste the best you ever had. Our food is very rare which is why it tastes amazingly satisfying and gives you that goose-bump sensation on your first bite.